When you begin the pursuit of your dreams, some
will question you, probe, hate, tell you what won't work etc.

They say you should consider advice, listen to other points
of view, but discard what doesn't align with your own purpose. Never take a vote on any direction you take in life. The second you consider anything other than what’s in your heart, you have lost.

The ambitious double-album debut from Steve Crawford
AKA DJ Energy, Rise is a testament to the pursuit of such
a dream. Triumphant, sensuous and captivating, Rise captures the essence of dancefloor music and takes it
to new realms and new experiences.


Hesitation is the mind playing it safe. Ignore it. When you
areat the precipice, leap into the abyss, spread your wings and fly…




Trained by Detroit’s finest since day one. Molded by fierce
competition, the drive to improve and the desire to be unique,
the debut single from Beaty Boy Records’ own Steve Crawford AKA DJ Energy is an instant dancefloor classic.


The piano tickles your spine prompting your feet to move
with the rhythm. The vocals provided by the songstress Lachi
soar with an impassioned plea, nay, a demand for you to get up out of your seat.


Obey the command. Raise your hands…

Raise your hands up high and Rise.

FacesOfDance Vol.1 Cover(V2).jpg
Soul of Sylvester.jpg
Jack It.jpg
Piano Sky.jpg
FacesOfDance Vol.2 Cover(V2).jpg
The Magic Flute.jpg
Sumthin Outta Nuthin.jpg
Call To Duty.jpg
Mental Moment.jpg
Summer Madness.jpg
Work It Back(V.2).jpg
Detroit Dreams.jpg
Old Souls.jpg

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